Passing on Leadership to your Children

I try to lead my family in devotions throughout the week. Last summer we went through the book of Acts together and we are almost finished with studying the book of John. I need to be more consistent in keeping this daily. I go through a week of knocking out 5 of the 7 days and then only one time the following week. Pray for me and hold me accountable. Several weeks ago I started thinking of my children and how I needed to give them opportunities to lead. Right before dinner I looked at my oldest son age 11 and said “I would like you to lead our family devotional tonight.” Mixtures of excitement, and nervousness were seen in his facial expressions and heard in his voice. He said “Dad I have never done this before what do I do”? I told him he has watched me for over 10 years lead family devotions and just to model after me. I watched with great joy as my son was leading our time with the Lord. He did a great job! One day he will be called to do that very thing with his family and now is the training time.

This was me starting to call him to godly manhood and he was eating it up. I realized that night I need to find more ways to give him leadership opportunities. I wish you could have seen the smile on his face when I asked him to lead. Men join me in modeling for our children spiritual leadership and give your boys especially opportunities to take steps to manhood even if they are in elementary school. Here are few ways you can give them leadership opportunities:

  1. Have them lead praying
  2. Plug them into serving the younger kids at church in a spiritual role
  3. If you help coach give your older children opportunities to coach with you (gender specific) the younger kids.
  4. Go on a family mission’s trip together ( we did that last summer and it was amazing to see my children step up and lead)

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