By Jimmy Stopper

This past Sunday I had the blessing of giving a sermon at my church.

My message was on fighting sexual sin.  If you are someone who struggles in this area or know someone who does, the attached link gives you access to my message.  Please take some time to listen to it and pass it on, as I think it will be a blessing.  This message covers much more than just the act of sexual sin.  It also deals with desiring and lusting after someone who is not yours to lust after.  If we are honest before the Lord, we all have probably sinned in this area and need to hear this message.

After listening to this message, if you would like some more help in overcoming sexual sin, we are here for you. I would also really like your feedback on how this sermon was possibly helpful or how I could have made it better.

We provide Free Biblical Counseling.  We have helped many others in this area and would love to come alongside of you.  Please reach out to us!

Jimmy Stopper
Chad Poprocki


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