50 Shades of GRACE

Men, I took my wife out last night to dinner and to see a newly released movie called “Old Fashioned.” I know what you’re thinking – the title seems really boring. In reality, the title is provocative in a culture where people are clamoring to see the pornographic movie, “50 Shades of Grey.”

I wholeheartedly recommend taking your wife or girlfriend to see “Old Fashioned” today for Valentine’s Day. The character development was so deep, unlike any movie I’ve seen in a long time. “Christian” movies oftentimes get a bad rap for portraying characters as perfect, free from struggle, in a “Pollyanna” sort of way. Not this movie – we see clearly the inner struggles of each character as they interact with each other. We all know that life is not a neatly wrapped package with a perfect bow on top. That’s where the God of the universe steps in and lavishes His grace upon us. This movie reminds us of this truth. In fact while the credits were rolling at the end of the movie, a person sitting behind us yelled out, “Now that’s 50 shades of grace.”

Married men, this movie will stir your heart to cherish your wife in ways that you may not have done since you were dating or engaged. Single men – this movie will stir your heart to protect your girlfriend in ways that honor the Lord. May we rise to the challenge to be the kind of men that God calls us to be.

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