By Jimmy Stopper

Three months ago my wife and I had the blessing of seeing a sneak preview of the movie I Can Only Imagine. This is one of the most powerful movies I have seen in years. It is the true story of how the song “I Can Only Imagine” came about from the lead singer of MercyMe. The story is full of faith, laughter, tears, forgiveness, hope, and reconciliation. This is a must-see for the whole family, as it will draw you to the Lord and each other. Some of the real life struggles are intense, but I will be taking my whole family to see the movie when it comes out this weekend, and my youngest is in 4th grade. However, some of the scenes will be intense for little kids.

I have intentionally not included the trailer in this blog because it gives away too much of the movie and spoils it. I would encourage you to not watch the trailer and just go see it instead!

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